Wild Beer Shnoodlepip Gin


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Product Description

Shnoodlepip Gin


Alc. 40% vol.

Distilled for the Wild Beer Company in Somerset, Shnoodlepip is a beer that has developed a cult following and one of Wild Beers most unique beers - a red wine barrel-aged-sour Saison brewed with pink peppercorns, hibiscus and passion fruit. De-constructing these flavours and building them back into a Gin was a long process, the final product hits the money with lively passion fruit, delicate hibiscus and a whiff of pink peppercorns to chase after.

This is a full body spirit with gentle-sweet spiciness, a dry depth with oak undertones, and tropical fruit character, all finished off with tangy hibiscus – much like the beer that inspired it.

The perfect serve – you’re going to want to keep this simple, a good quality Indian tonic with a slice of lime.

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