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Loch Ness Real and Rare Gin


Product Description

Loch Ness Gin


Alc. 43.3% Vol.

Loch Ness is the beating heart of the Highland region and for 500 years the distillers family has worked its rugged banks.

Loch Ness Spirits have gathered premium 'black gold' juniper by hand from their own rare native crop. When combined with the crisp, full bodied water, from a private aquifer on the estate, their 'Real & Rare' Loch Ness gin creates a unique and sophisticated flavour that no other can deliver.

Smooth juniper-led gin. Great depth on the initial nose. Very well balanced classic style gin. Simple and long finish.

The Perfect Serve; stands on its own as a sipping gin. It can be enjoyed neat, with or without ice. Savour as you would a single malt. Enjoy a refreshing gin & tonic with Fever Tree tonic water and a slice of kiwi fruit.

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