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Enhance your first box! - Add an additional 4 Gins for just £10 including postage

As a new subscriber you can add an additional 4 Gins to the first box for just an additional £10.00. That means, instead of receiving 2 Gins in your first box, you'll receive 6 different Gins all for just an extra £10.00, All will come with tasting notes and be sent out in the first delivery. This is a great way to get a Little Gin Box membership off to a flying start! You'll receive 6 x 50ml bottles in total, From 6 different distillers, with tasting notes, all for just £20 in total. That's 12 standard measures, for £20.00 including postage. This is a one off additional option and from month 2 onwards your subscription will be just £10 per month.

Add an additional 4 Gins for £10 including postage
£10.00 ea.
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