Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength Gin


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Product Description

Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength Gin


Alc. 57% Vol.

Winner WORLD'S BEST GIN out of hundreds of global entries by blind taste test at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017

This big and spicy Navy Strength Gin is brimming with bold personality. Distilled with Cornish water and infused with local violets and fresh orange zest to create its unique aromatic flavour.

57% abv: the strength historically drunk by the Royal Navy. Each bottle features an eye-catching red wax seal, the colour of the Royal Navy

Botanicals; juniper, coriander seeds, orris root, angelica root, liquorice root, green cardamom, cinnamon, bitter almonds, Devon Violets, fresh orange, lemon & grapefruit zest.

Features: Tarquin’s award winning Cornish Gin bottled at 57% abv. Distilled with fragrant Devon violets and fresh orange zest.

Perfect Serve: Fill your glass with ice, pour a solid measure of Gin for a great sipping Gin, or top with aromatic tonic & garnish with grapefruit.

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