Gin Lover's Christmas Bauble Collection - Pack of 6 - PRE-SALE


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Product Description


Introducing our Gin Lover's Christmas Bauble Collection - a festive and delightful addition to your holiday celebrations! Enjoy this pack of 6 exquisite gin-filled Christmas baubles, each showcasing the craft and diversity of independent distillers from all across the UK.

ūüéĄ Features:¬†Craft Gin from Independent Distillers: Inside each bauble, you'll find 50ml of carefully selected craft gin sourced from independent distilleries across the UK. The team at Little Gin Box has¬†searched high and low to bring you a unique range of flavours and botanical blends that are sure to please your palate.

Eden Mill Love Gin (50ml) - 40% ABV - A lightly sweet pink gin - Taste of rhubarb spice and sweet strawberries with vanilla, finishing with green apple citrus and a hint of rose water.

Lantic Morva Gin - (50ml) - 42% ABV  Meadowsweet, raspberry, sweet clover, elderflower, wild rose petal and birch sap are the six foraged berries, flowers all combined with eleven classic gin botanicals. An inviting mix of sweet floral and berry tones come through on the nose. They continue onto the palate, where sumptuous elderflower and rose come through. The finish is long and deep and complex.

Esker Valencian Orange Gin - (50ml) - 40% ABV - This refreshing citrus gin is full of the taste of fresh oranges. A modern flavoured gin that is well balanced and refreshing with fresh citrus, with an unmistakable juniper pine note.

Three Bees Honey Infused Gin - (50ml) - 38% ABV - Contains 100% natural ingredients and is produced and bottled in Market Harborough, England. Copper pot distilled, then expertly infused in small batches using the finest botanicals, with a generous amount of hand selected premium quality Harborough Honey. The complex aromas of vibrant summer flowers combined with juniper and citrus notes, gives this gin the perfect taste!

Gin Bothy Original Gin - (50ml) - 41% ABV - Lovingly infused with the finest Scottish botanicals including heather, milk thistle, pine needles, hawthorn root and rosemary. Smooth and savoury. Our Bothy Original Scottish Gin is also 100% natural and 100% sugar free. 

Silent Pool Rose Gin - (50ml) - 43% ABV- Light, elegant and smooth with notes of vetiver and cardamom mingling beautifully on the palate. Delicate rose notes build in the back of the mouth, along with a lingering finish of citrus and spice.

ūüďú Taste Note Cards: Included in the beautifully designed box, you'll discover taste note cards for each gin variety in this set. These cards provide a glimpse into the history of the distiller¬†and distinct flavour profiles of each gin, helping you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. Plus, you'll get recommendations for the perfect serve, ensuring your gin experience is nothing short of delightful.

ūüĆü Diverse Flavours: From classic London Dry gins to innovative botanical blends, our collection highlights the diversity of flavours that UK independent distillers have to offer. Whether you prefer a traditional gin or something more adventurous, you'll find a bauble to suit your taste.

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